This is a close approximation of the control and display interface on my New ELF II board I built in Oct 2011.
ResetBtn.jpg puts the 1802 CPU in reset mode with I, N, X, P, Q, Data Bus = 0, R(0) = 0, and IE = 1.
LoadBtn.jpg puts the 1802 CPU in load mode. This mode allows input bytes to be sequentially loaded into memory beginning at M(0000).
With this interface, the Input bytes are supplied by the hex keypad and pressing the InputBtn.jpg.
RunBtn.jpg puts the 1802 CPU in run mode. Program execution of course will start at M(0000).

MemProtectSwLED.jpg The Memory Protect switch is used to prevent the contents of memory from changing.
                   i.e.: All M(R(N)) instructions will not affect memory contents. This is handy while checking the memory in LOAD mode.

Keyboard short-cuts
When the New ELF II Interface window is the active or focus window:
1. You can also press the corresponding keyboard hex value (0-F) instead of clicking the hex keypad buttons.
The 'Keypad Byte=XX' under the hex keypad is a visible indication of the button or key pressed.
2. You can press the letter 'I' for the InputBtn.jpg button. It must be the active or focus object, meaning you must initially have clicked the button once.

Click here to install.

See Welcome Screen here.
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See 1861VideoSim here.
See Options Screen here.
See Tutorial Screen here.

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