Note: My CHIP-8 version still has the interpreter at M(0000), but the operating System starts at M(7000). Display page is at M(6F00).
In order to use the New ELF II hex keypad, I changed one byte in the CHIP-8 keyboard scan routine. I disregard the scan byte in RF.0.
I replaced the 8F instruction with 6C before exiting routine.

Tutorial01_LoadProg This video shows how to load the famous 'Turn On/Off Q LED' program.
Tutorial02_FX29FX33 Video showing a 3-digit counter in CHIP-8.
Tutorial03_Kaleidoscope Joe Weisbecker's famous 'Kaleidoscope' CHIP-8 program.
Tutorial04_TerminalSimWithQuestSB Running Quest Super Basic V5.0 by Ron Cenker in the Terminal Sim.
Tutorial05_Moving8 Moving '8' pattern test program in CHIP-8 as found on page 16 of the VIP Manual
Tutorial06_4PageDisplay Program in Ipso Facto - Issue 30, page 25 title 'Mystery Program' by E.L. Smothers using 4 page display

You'll find all files used in the videos and a couple extra files in the here.

The following is a description of the ZIP file contents:
1802OPS.SRC - My operating system I use with the New ELF II board. You can see it in Tutorial04_TerminalSimWithQuestSB video.
CalendarEN.bas and CalendarFR.bas - A 12-month calendar program I wrote a long time ago (24 Oct. 1983) to load in Super Basic. EN is English version, FR is French version.
CHIP8INT_OPS.TXT - My version of CHIP-8 Interpreter and Operating System with additional 5XYN instructions taken from "Programs for the COSMAC ELF interpreters" by Paul C. Moews.
FX20FX33Example.bin - program used in Tutorial02_FX29FX33 video.
IPSOFACTO_Program_Issue30Pg25.bin - program used in Tutorial06_4PageDisplay video.
IPSOFACTO_Program_Issue30Pg25.SRC - source code you can use with my Special 1802 Assembler.
KALEIDO.bin - program used in Tutorial03_Kaleidoscope video.
Moving8Pattern.bin - program used in Tutorial05_Moving8 video.
PopElectronicsCOSMACELF.bin - the famous test program as was demonstrated in the Popular Electronics, July 1977 article "Build The COSMAC 'ELF' - part IV: Build the PIXIE Graphics Display".
QSB5_ORG_0000.bin - program used in Tutorial04_TerminalSimWithQuestSB video.
Things you may want to change with this program:
1. Change byte at M(0001) from 88 to 01 to go directly to Super Basic.
2. After pressing 'C' there's a delay starting at M(314D) . Change byte at M(314D) from F8 to D5 to return from routine.
3. Change byte at M(1829) from 79 to F9 to move the stack pointer higher up thus increasing the amount of memory for BASIC programs and data.
Do a MEM command before and after to see the increase.

Click here to install.

See Welcome Screen here.
See Main Screen here.
See New ELF II Interface here.
See Microprocessor View here.
See Terminal Simulator here.
See 1861VideoSim here.

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