Some 1802ELFSim features at a glance:

A main screen showing the sixteen general-purpose 16-bit scratch-pad registers;
Four 4-bit N, P, X, I registers;
Two 8-bit D and T registers;
Three 1-bit Q, IE and DF registers;
A 16X8 array of the memory locations.
A microprocessor view which allows you to see the logic state of the I/O pins at any given moment.
  Six simulation speed rates - Single Step; Fetch + Execute; Slow; Medium; Fast; Maximum.
A strip chart which allows you to see the logic state of some common I/O pins at any given moment.
  Stop the program with a choice of ten breakpoints.
  A CDP1861 Video Display Controller graphic simulator.
  A serial terminal screen simulating the ACIA RS232 chip on my NewELF II board.

Hope everyone will enjoy this simulator as it can be a great tool to learn, debug or test a program using the CDP1802 microprocessor.
I welcome all comments, suggestions, etc.
Please report any typo errors, bugs, etc.
e-mail: marcpic13@yahoo.com

Click here to install.


See Main Screen here.
See New ELF II Interface here.
See Microprocessor View here.
See Terminal Simulator here.
See 1861VideoSim here.
See Options Screen here.
See Tutorial Screen here.

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