Build A Simple Serial Interface Using VB6

(I know it's an old development platform, but it's still good!)
Purpose: For someone who wants to learn how to control a PIC MCU using the serial COM port, you can build this simple circuit with easily available few parts.
The complete source code (download link below) in both MPASM and VB6 is provided as a basic template.

While writing the program, I realized that I had never learned how to do an ActiveX control before so I decided to experiment.
I have written a simple LED control (the green LEDs shown in program, not the red LEDs).
The control is not super sophisticated, but it still was fun to learn. You can set the LED to any color imaginable and change the caption.
Maybe some day I'll go back and add more to it like being able to resize it.
I also included the setup and deployment files if you plan to use it.
Installing the program will automatically register it in Windows for you without needing you to do it through RegSvr32 in MS-DOS command prompt.

To write the PIC software, I used what, in my opinion, I think is the best software/simulator program available.
It is very affordable and Mr Vladimir Soso, the man who developped his numerous Oshon software packages did a super fantastic job!
I used his Oshon PIC Simulator and Oshon Basic Compiler and was able to simulate out all the bugs.

Here are all the necessary files to do the project:
BasicSerialTemplate.pdf - PDF file of the schematic - Contains all files to program the PIC16F877, VB6 source code
and EXE file if you want to run the program as is and the setup and deployment
package found in SetupFiles folder.

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